June Jewels

Is it summer yet?  Oh yah, yesterday…and it is supposed to hit 117F here today (again).   Water Water Water is the name of the game!

I have been less than successful at getting a post out in early June, so I will try to make up for it by sending another before it ends.  My plan is to post every couple weeks but this past few weeks overwhelmed me a bit with a lot of fun art related work, but indeed it is work!  I did not think of this when I took this job of being an ‘artist’ haha.

We took on a commission to create BIG flowers on three banquet hall walls.  It’s a drywall mud relief sculpting technique that we are continuing to improve on as we build these crazy things.  Everyone seems to love them and we are pretty happy with them ourselves, although we could spend endless hours, fixing and sanding and filling and smoothing.  Fortunately they stop us at some point,  my cohorts in this are Anita Howell (incredible co-worker/partner in this adventure) and Tracy Schirmang (indispensable assistant and co-worker).  I have been facebook livestreaming this process along the way.  Another commission I took on was to create a BIG piggybank (hey I’m detecting a theme here), which is going to be painted today and then glazed and single fired once it’s dry.  Pictures of both of these projects in progress –

I have discovered there are not 72 hours in a day, and because I have not found the ‘cure for sleep’ I have not been able to put much time in on my songwriting and music.  Mishy’s Monday Mash 9am weekly keeps me checking in with facebook live and sharing ongoing adventures in art, music and life and occasionally songs just force their way out of my head, even when I am busy doing oth

er things, so they are percolating at the very least, I am sure my catalog will continue to expand.  Plans are to return to the studio next week to finalize tracks, that should happen and I will be starting on recording three new tracks soon!

Still so very close to 100 subscribers…if you haven’t signed up..do it!!

I will attempt to send another post before June ends!

Go forth and artify!!!

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