August Again

Hello Art Allies!!!

This may or may not reach you in August, the mysteries of the cyber time stamp sometimes still surprise me at times.

I was able to spend time enjoying family and music while on my travels, and returned home to a frenzy of catch-up on  studio happenings.  It was important for me to go but also a crazy-busy time for the shop without me!  I am compelled to get back to some drawing and painting but have not had the chance yet, and looking forward to doing some large bowls for commissions I took on, after I finish the big colorful 3- bowl order.   What with travel fatigue and kiln- issues those have taken me longer than anticipated, but they are super cool and I will share photos when I get them!

On the Music side of life, I really had so much fun jamming with my sister’s family and sharing my music with them.  So rewarding and makes it all worthwhile.  I have a renewed resolve to get back to some recording and writing, now is the time!!   I want to get this message out before August gets completely away from me (it’s 2pm 8/31 here now)…You will be hearing from me mid-September again with whatever is new and worthy of note in my mind =)

Go forth and Create!!! It’s so much fun!!



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