July Jazz

One last post before the month ends!!!  I hope you all have had a wonderful July,  hard to believe it’s gone already.  Life, music and art march on…

Studio is still hopping with lots of newbies trying our mini taste of pottery.  I have been teaching a bit this summer while our regular teachers are out of town, it’s always fun to get my hand back in with the wheel students but it’s a lot of work too!   Have had some time with all three grandkids this month, while school is out, here is a shot of my 8 year old granddaughter, last week, vying for the teaching position here-

Had great fun today jamming with a friend Matthew Crow, a talented trumpet player and musician and a dedicated dad.  Have plans to get back to recording after my trip to Arkansas, meanwhile I will be working on some ‘scratch’ tracks so I can be prepared, and arrangements in my head (or scratch).  Fun stuff!  Have been doing some additional livestreams on Tuesdays at our jam session along with my weekly Mishy’s Monday Mash at 9am MST (most weeks). Please join us or check them out on my facebook page (link is on the site up top).

Finally!  If you have not, please join the email list at www.mishykatz.com I would love to have you along with the tribe for the ride!!! <3    Hoping everyone ends July on a happy, healthy and high energy note!  Hugs and Good Wishes to All!!!

See you in a couple weeks!



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