October Outro

Greetings Partners in Art!!!

I hope your October has been going well, Halloween is here and it’s time to think harvest!  I have always loved this time of year,  dressing up and celebrating family, gatherings and feasts, and winding down the year with our holiday season.  The studio gets pretty busy so it’s always a relief when the New Year rolls in and gives us a little breather!  It is time to start planning our holiday open house and studio activity schedule for the season.

On the art side of life I have been playing around with watercolors, for the first time really, although I have done some watercolor pencil painting/drawing and graphite wash.   I have lots of pretty sky pictures I have shot from my walks or my property and chose one of those to start with.  Here is the photograph and a photograph of my very primitive watercolor,  as I post this I can see I need to add more intense tone to get closer to this in color and contrast.  Always like learning new mediums and applying what I know from past use of other mediums.  Even going from art to music!


On the music side of life I have been working on my recording and plugging away at learning midi recording and editing and just starting to do some audio recording I am happy with.  Once I get something to share you all will be the first to hear!!!    The closer I get to it the more fun it is and less frustrating and annoying, haha.  Sometimes the learning curve is more of a mountain for me.

Happy Halloween to everyone, may the spirits of love and joy and happiness visit you and never leave!

Yours in creativity,



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