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August Aways

Hello my friends and fellow art and music aficionados!

I am currently in Arkansas enjoying some time with my sister’s family and seeing my mom and brother.  Sure is green here and wet…=)

I had planned to try to send this out a few days ago but travel and family visiting took precedence.  Amidst all the angst, chaos and instability of our world, it is nice to find my center, with the people I come from.  Nothing like good family to give one perspective and strength, I am so grateful for mine.

I was compelled to do a couple larger canvases using acrylic paints, something I have never really worked in before, the first one a flower theme, the second a music theme.  Including some photos of a pastel sketch, a watercolor pencil sketch and the latest version of the biggest canvas.  I am finding it intriguing to explore color and shape in a new medium.


Canvas is 24×36″

Spending some quality music time while I am visiting here,  the universal language, had a fun jam last night and hoping for more before I have to go back to my real world.    I have been soaking up more recording, mixing and mastering information from books and online and writing some new songs recently, can’t seem to get enough of all that stuff.  When I return to Phoenix I am planning to get back more into my recording project with a goal of finishing a Mishy “EP” by mid 2018, maybe sooner.  I am going to share the lyrics of my newest song titled The Road Will Come to You inspired by my gravel road being paved in asphalt.  I have lived here since 1994 and it will take me awhile before I am used to the change!!!

If the world around you is crumbling
Everything falling into a heap
You have no idea what you can do
Only time with no fear when you sleep

sit tight
hang on to the light
stay your own sweet self
wait and see whats your next cue

If your loved one is having to suffer
All you can do is hold on to their hand
Spirit flames as you give what you can
Glowing strong helping them make their stand

Do your Best
Life will do the rest
Put hate up on the shelf
and the road will come to you
The Road will Come to You

If your hopes and dreams seem so far
Desperation too close a friend
Remember there’s always more time
Right up until the bitter end

Just keep taking those steps, one foot in front of the next
Lift your eyes to the sky remembering how you are blessed

If the world around you is crumbling
Everything falling into a heap
You have no idea what you can do
Only time with no fear when you sleep

sit tight
hang on to the light
stay your own sweet self
wait and see whats your next cue
Do your Best
Life will do the rest
Put hate up on the shelf
and the road will come to you
The Road will Come to You

Here is hope that everyone reading this is healthy, happy, prosperous and peaceful, and that our world is going to straighten out soon or at the very least start pushing for good and love,  and against hate, injustice and evil!

Love to all <3  You will hear from me again soon!!

July Jazz

One last post before the month ends!!!  I hope you all have had a wonderful July,  hard to believe it’s gone already.  Life, music and art march on…

Studio is still hopping with lots of newbies trying our mini taste of pottery.  I have been teaching a bit this summer while our regular teachers are out of town, it’s always fun to get my hand back in with the wheel students but it’s a lot of work too!   Have had some time with all three grandkids this month, while school is out, here is a shot of my 8 year old granddaughter, last week, vying for the teaching position here-

Had great fun today jamming with a friend Matthew Crow, a talented trumpet player and musician and a dedicated dad.  Have plans to get back to recording after my trip to Arkansas, meanwhile I will be working on some ‘scratch’ tracks so I can be prepared, and arrangements in my head (or scratch).  Fun stuff!  Have been doing some additional livestreams on Tuesdays at our jam session along with my weekly Mishy’s Monday Mash at 9am MST (most weeks). Please join us or check them out on my facebook page (link is on the site up top).

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See you in a couple weeks!



July Jabber

Hello Creative Cronies!

Hope everyone is enjoying their summer, I have had some time in the pool with my grandkids and consuming water as much as I can manage!

With the big flower project finalized, I have moved on to making some big ‘platters’, to be hung as decorative wall art, they are a challenge but fun when they make it!

I wanted to share something that came out very much as I hoped, this is my sister Susie’s urn, I finally was able to finish <3

Our mini taste of pottery classes are super busy this summer, the wheel seems to be popular so we are getting lots of new traffic coming though the studio which is always fun and keeps me hopping.

Had a tire blowout about a week ago, check this out!


On the music side of life, I have chosen a few more of my original songs to create ‘scratch’ tracks and begin the process of recording, still working on the final mixed and mastered versions of the recorded ones.   I have made a decision to (finally) pursue some more opportunities to play my music ‘out’ in public, other than the clay studio and online.  I am going to be accepting bookings as I can fit it into my schedule, if anyone knows of an occasion that would be enhanced by live music or anyone looking for an act please send the information my way!

Including an impromptu performance of my original song “It’s All About the Color” written in February 2017.  Enjoy 🙂

I hope everyone is having a wonderful July, I plan to send one more update before it’s over and I thank you for reading this far!!!

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June Juice

Bring on July!

Here we go into the heart of summer, when we embrace the heat here in the desert!  I wanted to write before June ended and update you all on my crazy progress here.

On the visual art side of life we are nearing the completion of our flower art walls and getting lots of great feedback.  The piggy was a big hit and will likely inspire more oversized banks to come!  Hoping to finalize the flowers this upcoming week and will be posting pictures as they add lighting to show them off even more.   The studio has been super busy this summer, it seems pottery is very popular when it gets hot outside.

The audio side of my life has been rather quiet due to being swamped with the visual stuff,  but I was able to sneak away and get back into the recording studio with a violinist who laid down some wonderful tracks, really making me feel like the icing on the cake, and the magic sprinkles too!  Now we will get to some serious mixing and mastering and get some new tracks ready to record, hooray!  I am including a short blurb of Suzanne warming up for  her part on Big Blue Sky, lovin’ all she did on all three tracks!


You will be hearing from me before mid-July again hopefully with some fun updates and new adventures!  I hope everyone has a wonderful Summer 2017, with few worries and many happinesses!


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June Jewels

Is it summer yet?  Oh yah, yesterday…and it is supposed to hit 117F here today (again).   Water Water Water is the name of the game!

I have been less than successful at getting a post out in early June, so I will try to make up for it by sending another before it ends.  My plan is to post every couple weeks but this past few weeks overwhelmed me a bit with a lot of fun art related work, but indeed it is work!  I did not think of this when I took this job of being an ‘artist’ haha.

We took on a commission to create BIG flowers on three banquet hall walls.  It’s a drywall mud relief sculpting technique that we are continuing to improve on as we build these crazy things.  Everyone seems to love them and we are pretty happy with them ourselves, although we could spend endless hours, fixing and sanding and filling and smoothing.  Fortunately they stop us at some point,  my cohorts in this are Anita Howell (incredible co-worker/partner in this adventure) and Tracy Schirmang (indispensable assistant and co-worker).  I have been facebook livestreaming this process along the way.  Another commission I took on was to create a BIG piggybank (hey I’m detecting a theme here), which is going to be painted today and then glazed and single fired once it’s dry.  Pictures of both of these projects in progress –

I have discovered there are not 72 hours in a day, and because I have not found the ‘cure for sleep’ I have not been able to put much time in on my songwriting and music.  Mishy’s Monday Mash 9am weekly keeps me checking in with facebook live and sharing ongoing adventures in art, music and life and occasionally songs just force their way out of my head, even when I am busy doing oth

er things, so they are percolating at the very least, I am sure my catalog will continue to expand.  Plans are to return to the studio next week to finalize tracks, that should happen and I will be starting on recording three new tracks soon!

Still so very close to 100 subscribers…if you haven’t signed it!!

I will attempt to send another post before June ends!

Go forth and artify!!!

May Musings

Greetings fellow earthlings!

I hope this finds everyone well, and enjoying Spring 2017.  Remember it is this moment right NOW that counts most!  Hugs!

Wow, so our pottery studio cleaning day turned into a week, and probably a month by the time things are really in place.  But the re-organization and purging of unnecessary ‘stuff’ is already amazing!  Kudos to all my studio members and our helpers I am eternally grateful.  We are continuing to create a space more easily navigated, cleaned and maintained and it is already showing!

Our latest adventure at Desert Dragon Pottery  was to fire our wood kiln for her third go-round!  This event happened the last weekend in May and was featured on livestream on facebook!  It started Friday and fired fifteen hours with constant attention and feeding fuel, quite an endeavor,  here are a couple of my personal favorites of mine that were submitted to the fire.

Lots going on in the studio this summer, a special class July 1 with Dave Beaty of Marvel Comics, drawing superheroes on coasters, mugs or plates, Summer Kids Camp, and some commissions keeping us hopping!

On the creative audio’lision’ side of life-

I was able to get into the recording studio and finalize all my ‘tracks’ for the current songs I am trying to get done.  I decided to ask a talented local musician lady Suzanne Lansford to add a violin track on two of them, so all should be finalized soon!  I have a goal to write a dozen songs in the next 90 days, planning on one per week and you all will be seeing this blog incoming twice a month now, I am stepping up my email game!!  And stay tuned for your very own free Mishy song coming to your email inbox SOON!  I have the track picked out and will be sharing it with everyone when I reach my first 100 subscribers (at 98 but 2 are me).  Stay tuned, you will probably be hearing from me very soon <3   Showing off my new guitar strap from Mother’s Day


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April Antics

Spring has sprung! It is starting to get hot here in the desert, feels more like summer mid-day (91F), so we are starting to wear less and drink more water. The art and music in my world have continued to keep me excited and intrigued by upcoming possibilities and potentials, very fun new challenges and successes lie ahead. I am trying to fully experience and enjoy the whole process, with it’s frustrations, overwhelming moments and incredible joys.

I intend to start a weekly morning facebook livestream show, on a specific day and time every week.  I will share music and clay adventures there on a regular basis for anyone who needs that kind of fun with their coffee.   Stay tuned, for further updates!

On the clay side-
Desert Dragon Pottery has long been the happy place and second home to many artists and students of clay. We have a healthy community of members who call the studio their own. On May 8 we have scheduled an event to give our shop a thorough cleaning and attempt to remove some layers of dust. Members will be asked to provide 2 hours of help (or $25) to the cleaning effort. Live music will be provided from 6pm-9pm by Crystal Perry and Tom Mein, on the patio weather permitting. Very excited to put a new face on our beloved Dragon!

A short video of the Dragon ‘before’ our cleanup efforts!!!


On the music side-
I have researched and found two affordable studio options and begun recording my songs! What an adventure…I am learning all sorts of new things about being in charge of arrangements, instrumentation, bpm and final decisions on EVERYTHING…Eeek! Not to mention the pressure of having to play under a microscope, quite the challenge but also a whole lot of fun hearing the results, I am in Mishy Music Heaven!
Playing the very difficult rhythm instrument- the “shaker egg”




Studio dude Casey Weaver having dinner in front of his wall of equipment, and keyboard player Vicki Lev lounging and listening

March Meanderings

Hello Magical Musical Mates!

I have had a busy couple of weeks, after finishing up my songwriting frenzy in February  but I wanted to check in before March ends.  I have had a great month, on March 10 I got to play at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for Arizona Chicks with Picks, they send a volunteer every second Friday of the month and what a cool place to play, very fun!  If you are ever at the hospital check out “The Zone”, wowza!    And they have asked me back so I agreed to play May 12 again!

My musical focus for now will be to do some professional quality recording of a song  to begin working on an EP  hoping to release in early 2018.  I am looking into professional studios locally and investigating cost.  Also finding musicians and finalizing the arrangement of the song I plan to record in my head so I can direct my ‘band’.   More on this whole process to be shared soon.   All very exciting and compelling to me!

Artwise I have been working on a musically themed mosaic raku piece, from a broken raku ukulele that lent itself well to a new series I had been thinking about beginning.   I can’t seem to get photos to do raku justice, this piece is pretty flashy. These small mosaic frames have given my art mind a whole new path to run along, I want to put some larger pieces together using multiple frames.  So many ideas, so little time!

Also firing our woodfire kiln for the second time consumed a lot of energy, time and focus, with wonderful results-

Some pieces take a ‘beating’ and this little guy is cracked on the other side slightly but I love it!




If anyone is interested Jill Spawn, who is Desert Dragon Pottery’s longest term member (!) did a great blog of the building of our kiln here, really fun stuff with pictures of Puff’s creation-

Thank you to everyone who took the time to get this far and to every act of creativity you can muster!  I will be back very soon with more fun adventures in art and music!!


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February Almost Over

Hello everyone and thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and for signing up for my ‘new’ blog!  I am hoping to share some fun special things here, that are not shared everywhere, there are so many things that go into the making of pottery and music that it is easy and fun to find small bites (bytes) of fun stuff that is for just the folks who partake in the inside circle here.    I am going to attempt to start with bi-weekly posts, then step up once I get into my rhythm.

Today is the opening of the very first firing of our wood-fueled kiln at the studio, a kiln that was built by studio members in January 2017.

I will be sharing lots of fun pictures of the work when we unload later today so watch the facebook sites.  Maybe some livestreaming if I get the chance but with the storms I can’t be sure!

I hope everyone has a fantastic music and art-filled week,

Love and Light,