Mishy Katz has a passion for making art and music to express her love of the creative process and to try to make sense of this crazy world we all live in.  She is an experienced teaching clay artist with an evolving body of work  currently themed on music and life and she is also a talented singer-songwriter and instrumentalist, writing, performing and sharing original and cover songs solo and with other musicians as the Shards.  She was born and grew up in Omaha Nebraska and currently lives and works in Phoenix Arizona.  Her original music is eclectic, pop-folk, with engaging and thoughtful lyrics and melodies.  Her influences are many, including Sheryl Crow, Stevie Nicks, Joni Mitchell and the Indigo Girls.  She is compelled to make music and art to share, the bonus being if it brings joy to others as it does to her.

To share in the journey of music and art, I would love to be able to contact you through your email address, just type it into the box on the left, click the button and make sure to check your spambox for when the email comes in!  I plan to share fun music and videos that will only be available to the folks on the fanlist, and hopefully make it worth the click!


Mishy grew up with music always around and began playing piano and singing at a very young age.  Alongside her school studies while earning a Bachelors in Fine Arts in Ceramics, she was always a devoted student of music, constantly seeking new opportunities to learn more about music and playing various instruments as well as singing.  Her professional pottery studio, Desert Dragon Pottery in Phoenix Arizona is well known as a comfortable, nurturing environment to learn about working in clay, and always seems to have great music playing on the stereo.  Alongside her studio creation, music has always continued to have a big influence, the studio houses a ‘music area’ with a resident keyboard, PA setup and guitar rig. In 2015 Mishy began to study songwriting more seriously and is currently creating a catalog of songs to record, perform live and to license for others to use and enjoy.  She had the exciting and rewarding opportunity in 2016 to sing the National Anthem live twice at games for Phoenix Men’s Professional Basketball League, also performing at halftime for one of the dates.  She has performed at venues including FIrst Fridays artwalk in downtown, Phoenix, Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and the Rainbow Room at the top of the Rockefeller Center in New York City.  Mishy has begun recording her first originals in 2017, and is super excited to share the process with her fans through videos, recordings, pictures and the newsletter.



Music and Art for the Heart