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March Meanderings

Hello Magical Musical Mates!

I have had a busy couple of weeks, after finishing up my songwriting frenzy in February  but I wanted to check in before March ends.  I have had a great month, on March 10 I got to play at Phoenix Children’s Hospital for Arizona Chicks with Picks, they send a volunteer every second Friday of the month and what a cool place to play, very fun!  If you are ever at the hospital check out “The Zone”, wowza!    And they have asked me back so I agreed to play May 12 again!

My musical focus for now will be to do some professional quality recording of a song  to begin working on an EP  hoping to release in early 2018.  I am looking into professional studios locally and investigating cost.  Also finding musicians and finalizing the arrangement of the song I plan to record in my head so I can direct my ‘band’.   More on this whole process to be shared soon.   All very exciting and compelling to me!

Artwise I have been working on a musically themed mosaic raku piece, from a broken raku ukulele that lent itself well to a new series I had been thinking about beginning.   I can’t seem to get photos to do raku justice, this piece is pretty flashy. These small mosaic frames have given my art mind a whole new path to run along, I want to put some larger pieces together using multiple frames.  So many ideas, so little time!

Also firing our woodfire kiln for the second time consumed a lot of energy, time and focus, with wonderful results-

Some pieces take a ‘beating’ and this little guy is cracked on the other side slightly but I love it!




If anyone is interested Jill Spawn, who is Desert Dragon Pottery’s longest term member (!) did a great blog of the building of our kiln here, really fun stuff with pictures of Puff’s creation-

Thank you to everyone who took the time to get this far and to every act of creativity you can muster!  I will be back very soon with more fun adventures in art and music!!


If anyone is reading this for the first time and would like to join in the fun, please sign up on the top left of this page by entering your email address, clicking on the green button and confirming when you receive the email confirmation link.   Thank you and hope to see you soon!


February Almost Over

Hello everyone and thank you so much for taking the time to read this, and for signing up for my ‘new’ blog!  I am hoping to share some fun special things here, that are not shared everywhere, there are so many things that go into the making of pottery and music that it is easy and fun to find small bites (bytes) of fun stuff that is for just the folks who partake in the inside circle here.    I am going to attempt to start with bi-weekly posts, then step up once I get into my rhythm.

Today is the opening of the very first firing of our wood-fueled kiln at the studio, a kiln that was built by studio members in January 2017.

I will be sharing lots of fun pictures of the work when we unload later today so watch the facebook sites.  Maybe some livestreaming if I get the chance but with the storms I can’t be sure!

I hope everyone has a fantastic music and art-filled week,

Love and Light,


Happy Groundhog’s Day

Good Morning Friends!

I intend to establish a regular posting pattern, most likely on Monday mornings, but I did not want to wait another day to begin so here I am on a Thursday….I may end up doing some extras if I get excited about something so maybe a good way to start regular blogging? Who knows but here I am !

I am having so much fun writing new songs this month, at a cool website I finally feel confident enough to partake of, well worth taking a look if you have a hankering to write songs at all-

One is up on soundcloud, I wrote it, recorded and uploaded it in an hour and ten minutes for a ‘skirmish’ with the theme “Addiction”-

I was fairly happy with the results, especially considering the time restraints!  It certainly got me going for the FAWM challenge, and I will post more songs during this month.

Also working on clay musical goodies, mostly raku but some salt fired, I will share some of that fun too!

I hope this second day of February treats you well!

Love and Light,


Hello World!

Mishy Katz is a singer, songwriter, musician and lover of all types of music, especially when enjoyed live and in person.
Mishy plays weekly, for fun, in her pottery studio in North Phoenix, with friends Cary Kerstetter and Vicki Lev, making up a trio called The Shards.
She also plays regularly on various online live music venues and at open mic and jam sessions in the Phoenix area, sometimes solo and sometimes with other musicians.
Currently she is writing songs, for licensing or custom creation, some of which she records and performs live at her shows.

Mishy’s style is eclectic and widely appealing, with a warm inviting vocal style and thoughtful accompaniment. Genres range from country, rock and roll, blues and jazz to folk, contemporary pop and standards Her music will elevate your spirit and invoke happiness.

If you are interested in booking Mishy Katz then please reach out using our contact page.