Phoenix-based Mishy Katz engages easily with people of all ages. She has been playing music onstage since she landed the solo singing role in her first grade Christmas play. She loves entertaining an audience of any size with an original song or cover tunes.  Piano was her first instrument, but always looking to add to the fun, she now plays guitar, ukulele, various percussion instruments and more in her unforgettable act.  

She is actively engaged with her fans, sharing public livestreams regularly on Facebook and other social media.  Americana, singer-songwriter, indie-folk with a touch of pop rock, Mishy’s music is inspired by an eclectic variety of influences, both contemporary and from her personal story, and include Kasey Chambers, the Indigo Girls, John Prine, AJR, and Noah and the Whale.  

In 2018 and 2019 Mishy released a series of individual songs and an original CD, “Bottomless Bucket List,  performed live at a number of Arizona-based folk festivals and songwriting gatherings, and appeared live at many venues in the Phoenix and Los Angeles area.Mishy is currently writing and continuing to polish her writing, recording and production skills in preparation for her next release.  Her goals include studying songwriting, recording and production in more depth, and creating more songs, music and art to leave as a legacy. 

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