Mishy Katz is an indie-pop and alt folk musician and singer-songwriter based in Phoenix Arizona.  Known for her engaging lyrics and enchanting vocal style, Mishy has been making music for most of her life and released seven singles in 2022 and continues to create and release music in 2023.  Her silky vocals enhance her music that is often characterized by the use of ukulele, banjo and guitar and synthesizers along with captivating grooves. 

Mishy studies with and records in the Phoenix studio of John Keenan, established producer and audio engineer and professor of all things audio. She has performed her original music in the Phoenix area since 2018 and traveled to Los Angeles for a short summer tour in 2019. Her music has that special thing, a magical appeal, her songs speak clearly with just a vocal and an instrument and continue to attract new fans with her distinctive unique style. 

When she is not making music, Mishy can often be found working in her pottery studio, creating artworks and coaching other creative spirits in the art and craft of clay.